What’s in iOS 11?

A new iPhone model also comes with a new iOS system. iOS 11 is expected to be made available to everyone for free starting September 19. With the new update, glitches are always expected, and take time to iron out. It is recommended to wait a week or two before updating, to avoid the dreaded iPhone crash. What exactly though, is iOS 11 bringing to the table this year?

One of the new and interesting features is that Siri will now be able to translate. Beforehand, if you asked Siri to translate a word from one language to another, Siri would only offer web search results–something that was hardly helpful if you were in a hurry to learn a word.

FullSizeRender 2
Siri’s search results for translating

This is something that is already available on other systems, such as Google Assistant. Siri has often been criticized for never being up-to-date with its competitors.

In older operating systems, Apple’s control center was a host to a number of items. From Airplane Mode, to Screen Lock, to simply music control, it could all be found from simply swiping “up” along the bottom of your screen. Now, Apple has taken it a step further–allowing a customizable control center. If you use Apple Wallet, you will now be able to access it as a shortcut from the control center.

FullSizeRender 3
Apple’s old Control Center
Control Center in iOS 11








One of the most anticipated updates in every new operating system is the camera. Now in iOS 11, there will be extra additions in photo editing, including live photo editing. If a live photo is taken, it can be looped similarly to a GIF. FaceTime will also receive a photo-like update. Live photos can now be taken during any FaceTime call, but like Snapchat, the other caller will receive a notification.

One new update that may face a challenge is the ability to drag and drop multiple apps across your screen. This was created for iPad a few updates back, where the user has the ability to share a screen for multiple apps. What might be a challenge, is sharing a screen on an iPhone that is not a Plus model. The screen may be too small, or it may just not be visually appealing for the user.

An interesting update, that hopefully the user will never have to use, is “SOS”. Now, there is a setting for Auto Calling, where the user can click the home button five times to activate a call to 911. It will be very interesting to see how this feature will work on the new iPhone X, which does not have a home button.

Overall, iOS 11 seems to be promising in offering a new array of features for Apple fans. For now, it will have to be worked on to remove any bugs or glitches that still exist, as they always do with new operating systems.

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