IC’s China Care Club talks Two-Child Policy

Key Points

  • China replaced the One-Child policy with a Two-Child policy on Oct. 29, 2015
  • There are nearly 600,000 orphans in China, mostly due to the One-Child policy
  • 90 percent of orphans in China are female, as males are preferred
  • IC’s China Care Club works to educate individuals on the child-welfare system in China

The Ithaca College China Care Club hosted a discussion on the child-welfare system in China. Policies in China have slowly been altered, including the One-Child policy. The China Care Club also works to raise funds to support orphanages in China.

What is the One-Child Policy?

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There are currently 600,000 orphans in China. Courtesy of Getty Images.

In 1979, China instituted a One-Child policy, prohibiting parents from having more than one child. At this time, parents were also required to request permission from the Chinese government before having a child.

Quite often, parents would have more than one child, and would be forced to give one away for adoption. In the event that the first-born was a female, parents had the option to give away the female and try again for a male. In the event that parents had twins or triplets, they were forced to choose only one to keep.

Due to an aging population and declining birthrates, China was forced to make a decision on the One-Child policy. In 2015, the Chinese government altered the policy, allowing parents to now have two children instead of one.

Today, there are other nations besides China that have similar Two-Child policies. Iran, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Vietnam are all included, and have these policies due to an increasing world population.

Orphanages in China

Orphanage in China. Courtesy of Getty Images

Due to the One-Child policy, there are nearly 600,000 orphans in China. Out of the 600,000, approximately 90 percent of these orphans are female. In Chinese culture, males are preferred, leading to females being put up for adoption more frequently.

In orphanages, nearly 98 percent of orphans have a disability. Parents typically do not have the monetary resources to care for the child, and are forced to give them away.

What is the China Care Club Doing?

The China Care Club is a nonprofit organization that fundraises money for medical surgeries and supplies for orphans in China. With China’s previous One-Child policy, many babies with medical deformities and disabilities are abandoned. By fundraising for these surgeries, The CCC is improving their lives by providing the necessary care and increasing the chance of adoption. 

“I am the second child–my brother and I were both born in the United States. I am reminded that I would not be alive if [my parents] stayed in China,” said Monica Chen, a member of the IC China Care Club.

The China Care Club at IC partners with the Half the Sky Foundation to actively build orphanages and increase adoption rates in China.

See the full video here:

 Featured photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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