Are You Looking for a Car?

One man in California has gone viral after creating a commercial to sell his girlfriend’s 20 year old car.

Max Lanman is a writer and director that decided to use his skills to create a parody of a car commercial. As most car commercials do, Lanman drove the 1996 Honda Accord on winding freeways and filmed it all using a drone.

The commercial also features scenes of an actress in the Accord with a cat and a pot of coffee. The tagline of the ad?

Luxury is a State of Mind

The car was being offered on EBay for $499. This sounds like a great deal compared to the Kelley Blue Book value that was placed at $1,432. Lanman’s ad also featured a brief scene showing the car speeding by with giant text saying, “141,095 miles”.

While Lanman was simply trying to get rid of a used car, the advertisement sparked a bidding frenzy online. The car, fondly nicknamed “Greenie” for its color, reached a bid of $150,000 on EBay before the site cancelled the auction.

CarMax eventually stepped in and offered to buy “Greenie” from the couple at a price of $20,000. They even sent out a tweet to Lanman:

Never forget to read the fine print though.

“Cat and coffee pot not included”

Featured Photo Courtesy of Max Lanman.

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